shaunothedead2 (shaunothedead2) wrote in sethnjulievegas,

dear maria

it has come to my attention that you think Im harrasing you with hilarious fake livejournals. Well I was,however I did this to everyone I know as a joke. I want you to know that I wasnt singling you out to make fun of you or make you mad, it was meant as a joke and Im sorry if you didnt see that and got offended. I just assumed that people would know that a big miss scarlet face was obviously meant to be humerous but I guess i should have been more carfeull. Sorry if I made you mad :) . I dont hate you, I dont want to make you upset, I was just dicking around. Hope to see you soon at julies party and hope everything is going good in your life. :),

see you soon. Tony aka: big shaun style
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