davidlerkind (davidlerkind) wrote in sethnjulievegas,

Wedding Check List Control

Industry standard pre-defined check list by periods, accustomed to your wedding date Manage your check list by period Wedding Assistant comes equipped with industry standard check list so you don’t need to create one. List maintenance You can add new entries to the list or remove unnecessary ones. For each entry you can write unlimited notes or even file events (by date & time) for that entry. Adjusting the list to your wedding Once you set your wedding date, every entry is dynamically given a date range in which it has to complete. Pending entries are shown in red. The green represents completed one. Blue is for entries to be completed in the current period while black is for future ones. View Control You can set the list to either show pending entries or all entries. You can export the showing list to Excel or print it. Read more about wedding software - programm "Wedding Assistant"
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